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About Us


From our farm to your house or event. 

Paul and Katherine have been creating most of our lives. We began an Etsy store in 2013, when Paul decided he wanted to sell his wooden clocks and other projects online. Katherine soon realized she could also market her crochet projects online. They also started working for an event lighting and design company and decided to help the company by purchasing and renting equipment. They formed Cool Spring Solutions in 2019 and started working for On Your Mark Lighting Design and Equipment full time when they both decided to leave teaching and work for themselves. Cool Spring Solutions is named after the family farm where Paul was raised. He and his wife Katherine live in the house Paul's father built on that farm. Paul helped his father build the home as he grew up, from cutting down the trees to mill the lumber that built the house all the way through to the finished home. Paul uses the lumber remnants he inherited from his father and grandfather and other local sources to create his wooden masterpieces. In 2018, Paul and Katherine learned the art of stained glass. They are pleased to add stained glass masterpieces to the other works of art they create. They both continue to explore their creativity and add unique items to their inventory all the time. 

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