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Handcrafted from the Farm or Sold on the Farm

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Stained Glass

Paul began working stained glass in 2018. The first piece he created was a butterfly. He creates beautiful patterns and intricate designs using his aerospace engineering background.  Katherine joined Paul working stained glass in 2019. Her first piece was a star that she designed. She creates the intricate and beautiful designs by drawing on her years teaching geometry and her passion for crochet and knitting

Yarn Products


Katherine is the mastermind behind all of the hand crafted yarn items. She learned to knit when she was ten and crochet when she was twenty. She uses her math background to design her own patterns and loves the process of creating unique items. 

Wood Products

Paul is the wood worker in the family. He takes wood from many places and works to create unique items. He hates to waste anything so he tries hard to use every bit of lumber that he gets his hands on. Of course this makes the items very unique and original. 


The jewelry is a combined hobby of Katherine and Paul. Katherine makes earrings from thread and Paul does most of the jewelry with wire and beads or stones. They also work together to use scrap from other stained glass projects to make earrings and pendants.  

Rocks and Crystals

Rocks and Crystals are an obsession of Paul's. He has always been fascinated by all things from the earth and how they affect people and their surroundings. 


Painting is a form of self expression and therapy. 

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